Saturday, August 19, 2006

Honeymoon Holiday

First, there is no girl that doesn't dream about her wedding dress, her wedding and her honeymoon. But as I said this is just a dream, nobody knows if it will come true or not. However, it doesn't hurt if we dream.

So, if I have a honeymoon holiday where would I spend it? . . . I think I'll decide depending on the time of year that I'll have it. What I mean, if my honeymoon was in the summer and spring time I would like to spend it in Spain, exactly in the countryside of it.

I've visited Spain and it's a lovely country and I think I fell in love with it's old cities with their narrow blocks, red roses on the windows and balconies, the street markets where the local people and farmers sell their goods and their special foods. The weather is very nice, with fresh air, plenty of sun, the silence makes you feel relaxed, the views of the sea from Gibraltar are unbelievable.

Maybe because I still have these sweet memories about Spain that I always dream that I'll spend my honeymoon there and in the early morning we'll walk on the beach and watch the sunrise after that doing some sightseeing because these cities have very traditional and old Islamic buildings. Maybe we'll have lunch outdoors. At night I'll dress in my party clothes (with a scarf) and have dinner at one of the old restaurants there and listen to the Spanish guitar.

But if my honeymoon is in winter or autumn I'll spend it on the Alps, the mountains of Italy. The weather there is so cold and I think we'll spend most of the time in the cabin near the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. Very romantic, isn't it?

But in the real world I think I won't go anywhere. That is OK if the man who I marry is my soulmate. In this case, nothing more will be important.

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