Saturday, June 04, 2005

I admire our planet

I admire many beautiful things made by God, but nature is the thing I admire most. I always think about it when I start drawing in my spare time. I usually imagine the sea and the sky's colours. How they change gradually at sunset. It's very nice. And also the fullmoon rising in a mountainous region, gives you a good chance to compare between the day view and the night view. It's amazing!

I admire the marine life that I always watch on TV. I wish I could scuba dive. It would be very nice to move and swim among the huge colorful fish and plants.

I admire the singing, coloured birds. I like them so much, I've a very beautiful singing bird in my house. It always wakes me up early.

Nature is the most valuable thing we've got on our planet. We have to keep our planet clean from anything that would pollute it.

Younis Mohamed
PET Preparation

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Mrs Khadija said...

Very nice! My friend's son took scuba diving lessons last summer. If you are interested I will find out more for you.