Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I admire my father

My father was a good example for me. He was hard-working for all his life, he was a farmer, he planted a lot of olive trees. When he was 20 years old, he came from Mesellata to Tripoli, with the olive oil caravan as one of the protectors and supporters.

The caravan was composed of carrying camels and horses, covered by the stronger youth of the Kabila. The caravan started the trip from Messelata to Tripoli. It took three days to arrive to the Tripoli oil market in Arashid Street, Syalla Building. The caravan was protected by strong, brave youth that were selected by the Kabila to support the caravan from the enemies.

My father in his youth was fearless and courageous. On one of the caravan trips it was attacked and stopped by robbers armed only with manual objects on a dark winter night. They fought with the caravan guardians and my father was wounded. They hit his head with an axe, and his head was split open. Before that, he showed extreme coverage. After the battle stopped, the caravan was successful, and continued its trip to Tripoli, without any damage.They left my father behind.

My father was treated by an old woman, who was a voluntary assistant. She poured ground coffee powder into the wound to stop the bleeding, and she bounded it with hemp cord. He stayed in a coma for about 30 days, and he stayed with that old woman in her hut for about two months until he was healed. She saved his life, and he returned back to Mesellata.

In Mesellata he was received by the beating of drums and the ladies shrill. All the Kabila came out. They were very happy for the champion Mesellati returning back.

This story happened when my father was 20 years old. My father lived to be 113. He lived a long, healthy life, and always encouraged me to courageous and not to be aggressive and to be respectable. I admire my father and I hope to keep my father's memories alive for myself, my children and my grandchildren. He was not a murderer, but was a defender.

My father's education level was only reading and writing the Koran. He never missed the time for prayer out of the mosque.

May God have mercy on him.

Mohsen Mesellati

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Mrs Khadija said...

That is an amazing story! I am so happy that you shared it with all of us. Your father was a courageous man and the story helped me to understand a part of Libya's history. Thanks Mohsen!