Monday, June 12, 2006

Things could happen

I will tell you a story I had heard when I was a child.

Once upon a time, faraway, in a lively green field, there was a rabbit that had light brown fur and a tiny dark brown tail. He lived with his family in a hole in a big, grassy field. Rabbit was afraid as many wild animals but he was especially afraid of Eagle.

One day while Rabbit was eating grass in the field, he saw Eagle in the sky above him. Rabbit was very afraid and ran home as fast as he could. Rabbit stayed in his hole day after day because he was afraid to go outside. He got very hungry, but he preferred to stay in his hole. Finally, he found the courage to go outside because he needed to eat.

Carefully and slowly, he came outside the hole. He didn't see or smell any dangerous animals, so he hopped out and found some delicious grass to eat. While he was eating the grass he saw a shadow on the field and lookedup. It was Eagle. Rabbit said, 'Please don't eat me Eagle. Please don't eat me Eagle.'

Meanwhile, Eagle was on his way home to his nest when he heard a low voice below him. Eagle said to himself what is that sound? He looked around, but he didn't see anything. He decided to ignore the sounds and go home because he was tired and wanted to rest in his nest.

Then below him, Rabbit said again in a very loud voice, 'Please don't eat me Eagle.' This time Eagle heard him clearly. Eagle spotted Rabbit in the field, flew down and picked Rabbit up. 'Thank you Rabbit!' said Eagle. 'I was hungry and didn't know where I could find my dinner. It is a good thing you called me!' Then Eagle ate Rabbit for dinner.

The lesson learned from this story: If you are afraid and expect bad things to happen, bad things will happen. And the opposite is also true; if you expect good things to happen, good things will happen.

Lubna Mohammed Othman
FCE Preparation

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