Friday, June 30, 2006

Introducing Myself

Hello, my name is Ahmed and I live in Mezran Street. I study in Ali Woraith, it's a high school and it's majors are medicine, economy and engineering. I hope to be a doctor because I like helping people. Just recently I had my results and I passed, so next year will be last in Ali Woraith.

I came to Yethreb School hoping that I will learn more about English, because I think if you want to be a doctor you have to know a lot about English. That's a problem with a lot of Libyan doctors that they don't know English or they know little about English.

I enjoy studying, I also enjoy sports, especially football. My favorite football club is Liverpool. And maybe if I don't make it as a doctor and I would like to be a professional football player!!!

Ahmed Ahtash
Making Progress - FCE

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Sandi said...

Your are an inspiration to many Libyan people. Keep up the good example, and hopefully many will be helped by your love and respect.