Friday, June 30, 2006

Do I want to live to 100 years old?

Do I want to live to 100 years old? That would be nice but not if I will spend the last quarter of my life on a life-support machine, or at the mercy of the people I live with, so then I would not want to live past a hundred.

The main disadvantage is if everyone will live to be a hundred years old that there will be overcrowding of hopeless people, those who need to extra care and there would not be enough places to live in.

I'm against the idea, because I might not withstand looking at my reflection in the mirror with all the wrinkles on my face even if I decided to make plastic surgery to my face to look younger, definitely I could not make it because both because I health condition would not allow such procedures.

Also I'm against the idea because one will see that the end of the life and his family, one by one, especially those whom you love more. You have to always remember that without family, you have neither security nor the spiritual values that gives life meaning.

However, one advantage of living for 100 years is that you can leave for your family some thoughts. It's a good idea because one must creatively shape one's life so that it's productive and satisfying. 'Goals are essential to develop a person's regard for himself in his place, both in his home and in the community'.

I'm in favor of living a long life because I could learn more about life, as you know the Arabic proverb, 'The person who is older than you by one day is one year more knowledgeable than you', and it would be a great because I could see the grandchildren of my sons and feel the tree's leaves.

They say there is no one dearer than my son, only my son's sons.

Lubna Mohamed Othman
FCE Preparation

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