Monday, November 28, 2005

Dreams often come true

I believe in the notion that dreams can come true no matter how hard or far they seem. Being an intellectual, I have wide-ranging ambitions. Some of my future dreams center around my profession, dentistry.

I plan to establish a specialized dental centre for which I will devote my experience, efforts and money. I may open this new microfinance project in my country, Iraq, when I return. This project may include all dental services such as exodentia, periodentia, paedodontia and a highly qualified dental implantation section.

Being the owner of the business and professional and specialized dentist, I will try to employ qualified professional dentists from both sexes. In addition to their work efficiency, they should be of pleasant character, show respect to patients, highly committed and tolerant.

As it is a polyclinic including different specialized clinics, I will pay special attention to the dental implantation section. I have an excellent background in this field, owing to the fact that I receive local and international intensive training from international consultants. And also it is relatively new and hot branch of dentistry, which attracts many potential patients.

My future plan will not only secure financial benefits, but it'll also benefit many people who will enjoy a good and relatively reasonable cost of dental care.

Dr. Ahmed Hashim Hussein
Ielts Preparation


Mrs Khadija said...

I hope your dream comes true! Nice work on this! Good ideas, vocabulary and grammar structure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you mrs Khadija for your support.

asem said...

i hope your dreems come thru.just keep working hard and every thing is going be as you like.