Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All about me

I am Asma Al-Shawesh. I will tell you about myself, my past, my hobbies and my dreams.

I was born in Tripoli on 12th of June 1981. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher and my two sisters and my brother are all younger than me.

Since I was a child I was a very ambitious girl, always seeking the better and attempting to be the best. I always was the first in my class. I was really interested in one thing: reading. I like to read magazines, stories and scientific books about different sciences and my family was always encouraging me, and still reading is my favorite hobby until now.

As a teenager, I couldn't decide whether to be a doctor or a computer engineer, but at the age of 16 I chose to be a doctor. That was my goal, especially after I lived in Vienna for 6 years and I saw how the doctors worked hard, and how the people respect them.

So, I started to study medicine. It was very difficult, but interesting at the same time, but I did my best and I graduated as a doctor on April 2005. Now I'm very happy in my job. I have an interest to deal with different cases and always try to do my best to make my patients happy.

My dreams and goals never stop at this level. My next goal is to be widely known psychiatric specialist, and I will learn more, read more and work more to achieve my goals.

Asma Al-Shawesh
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Mrs. Khadija said...

It is nice that you have parents who are good role models and also the opportunity to see Vienna. Having a look at another culture is a good way to see not only how other people live, but also how you would like to live too.

Mrs. Khadija said...

Keep reading!

Anonymous said...

Finally a student who enjoys reading!!!

Anonymous said...

Asma all these years and we never knew how much you loved to read .If you ever want to borrow a book from me just ask , anytime . We , the family, are so proud of you . Sydney

Anonymous said...

Asma, Good luck with your studies. You will succeed. Nadia