Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Where do you like to go with your friends? What do like to do?

Next weekend I want to go with my friends on a picnic on our farm in Krimea. We hardly ever meet each other because all of them have children and jobs, so they are busy. I miss them so much.

There we can talk about our life and what we do with our time. We can enjoy the landscape, the plants, fruit trees and the animals like sheep, rabbits, cows, horse, hens and the guard dogs. It's wonderful to see. Then we will play volleyball and jog around the farm, and we will have a running race. I don't know who be the champion.

At lunch we will make a barbecue but our dinner will be some sandwiches. Then we will go back home.


I like to go with my friends to the city center in Tripoli. I like to go at night. We like shopping and buying some things like clothes and cassettes.

Sometimes we like to go to the sea. We go swimming and fishing and in spring we like to go to Gharian. We like to take some pictures in the mountains and play football. Some friends like to cook food, some like to dance and listen to music, and some like to play cards. We have very enjoyable time and it is good memories for us.

Ahmed Elfandi

I sometimes go with my friends to the cafe and we sit and have some coffee and we play a game of cards or chess and sometimes we just go and sit in the car and we just talk and laugh.

We usually go to the family park and we do the same thing over again, but this time there are girls!

Siraj Ramli

Usually when I have a day off for a vacation or free time I go out with my best friend to have a great time.

Sometimes we go to the city center to see some new shops or to snack bars to drink something hot like cappuccino or something cold like fruit juices.

Often when we meet each other and go together we chat for a long time about our routines and events that happened before or activities we are going to do. Oh . . yes we are gossiping about somebody at not always!

My old school friends and I go for a picnic or to swim, especially in summer. Most Fridays my best friend and I go to the Friday market in the early morning to find something old or antique, or to sell something useless.

Mohammed Abdalla

I would like to travel around the world with my friends. I would visit the famous places in the world such as the Great Wall in China, the Pyramids in Egypt and the Taj Mahal in India and other places.


I have good friends, we are very happy group. Sometimes on holidays we go on day trips also we go to learn about English. We're taking conversation class to improve our English and I write my homework with my friends.

Sometimes we are going to the city park to play tennis. At the weekends we go to the Internet cafe to chat or play games after that we go to the restaurant to eat lunch. I go shopping for clothes, maybe alone or with my friends about twice a month. Usually I go to hairdressers with my friends, then we go to the cinema.


I really want to go on a nice picnic without boys and no parents in our farm and spend the night there with my friends. There's going to be music and we can cook nice food for us and if the weather is going to be hot we can swim in the swimming pool. I really wish to do it this summer.


I think for a holiday I would like to go shopping with my friends to buy some clothes, books and some tapes of my favorite singers. After that go to my favorite restaurant for dinner with my friends to eat delicious dishes which taste great, listening to music and talking about us, our life, remembering memories together and laughing about the funny things. When we finish our food we may have some coffee with cake especially my favorite kind of cake, cheesecake, and some fruit. Then we go home and prepare for a new day of work.

Hajer Mohamed

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