Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Ideal Room

My ideal room is my bedroom, it's quite big. It lies in the ground floor and I can see the street from my window. It's between the kitchen and the bathroom. My bedroom's location is very suitable that I can go to the bathroom very quickly or if I feel hungry, I can eat what I want because the kitchen is next to my bedroom and my brothers envy me about my bedroom.

When you enter my bedroom you'll be absolutely surprised to see that all the walls of my bedroom are covered by light pink colour and on the walls there's lots of posters, especially Elissa and The Back Street Boys. Elissa's pictures are near the window but The Back Street Boys pictures are behind the door.

There's lots of luxurious and modern fashioned furniture. You'll see a big and cozy bed in front of the door, there's a pink blanket and three pillows on my cozy bed. On the right of the bed you'll find a small brown bedside table, but to the left of the bed you'll find a big reading table which I put my books and my computer on. On the right of the room you can see also my fitted cupboard, it's quite big and wide. In the middle of the room there's a relaxing rocking chair.

In the end, my bedroom is completely wonderful and comfortable. It's always tidy and fancy. I thank my father and I give him my regards. I'm very happy that I've a father like that.

Tomather Amir Ehjajy
FCE preparation
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