Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Describing my ideal room

My dream room has to be imaginative. Not just for studying or sleeping, it should be functional, suitable for more than one or two purposes. It will be all of that if it has a king-size bed with colorful sheets, duvets, blankets and cushions, lots of cushions! It's not important to be full of expensive things and lots of furniture but my room must be peaceful and relaxing for me.

It's a good idea if it has some comfortable chairs, a big sofa and a coffee-table so I can invite my friends to sit and have fun or watch television and play games.

But the most important thing that must be in my dream room is a big balcony or window with a view of the seaside or a lovely garden. Just make my dream come true and I promise I will keep tidy and clean!

Samar Aldebre

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