Friday, July 02, 2010

Future forms - going to, will and when + infinitive

1- I'm going to have some coffee. It 'll be very useful when I feel sleepy in the morning.

2- My brother is going to sleep outside. My father will be worried when he hears about it.

3- My friend is going to fail the exame. He won't be happy when we meet.

4- We are going to make party for my mother. She'll very glad when we suprise her.

Khalifa Alwani
PET preparation

1- I'm going to buy an old car. I will be on time to class when my work starts at the site.

2- I'm going to improve my skills in my field because I will be staying to watch what people do without do anything when I speak English fluently.

3- I'm going to travel over the sea. I'll get married to a foreign Muslim girl when I have a house and enough money for travel and a wedding.

Name withheld at the request of the student
PET Preparation

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