Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What is Libya Like?

Food: In my country people usually cook their food at home. The most popular foods are couscous, bazine and macaroni but they sometimes eat out in restaurants especially at dinner and they never eat in the street.

Weekends: A lot of people go to picnics at their farms. Some of them go to the beach, sometimes they go to visit some friends. We've got two days holiday in a week; Friday and Saturday. On Friday we've a special prayer in the mosque at lunchtime.

School: We send our children to study at the age of six, this is primary school. When they are twelve they go to a secondary school.

Entertainment: People usually watch TV at mealtimes. A lot of people like Aljazeera channel. They sometimes go to the hospital to visit some friends because a lot of them are sick of boring days. Also they enjoy shopping and sleeping.

Sport: Libyan people like football matches. Some of them like fishing on the sea, but they always play football wherever they want; sometimes in the street, their farms and they usually play at school.

Animals: Some people raise animals on their farms. We use the meat of some animals in our food. Most of the animals are camels, sheep, rabbits, but people never raise pigs on their farms at all.

Shops: Shops are usually open at 9:00am. Some people open their shops at 11:00am but they never open n Friday mornings. Some shops are closed on Saturday too.

Sharfaldeen M. Abudheer
KET Preparation

My Mother

My life would be totally different without my mother in it. I don't think that there is any woman that's as good in the mother's role as my mother.

She is very nice to us, yet very tough when one of us makes a mistake. She is a very energetic woman and not lazy at all. She can do lots of things in a very short time and she will do them right. She is also cheerful and optimistic.

Ever since I was a little girl I loved her so much as a girl loves her mother. But when I turned 12 she became closer and closer to me. We talk about everything in life, not as a mother and daughter, but as friends. She is so understanding that I can tell her about any problem that happens with me and I'm sure that she will tell me the right thing to do.

God bless my mother!

Eman Elaradi
FCE Preparation

My Father

The person I would like to speak about has given a lot and is still giving today. This person has had a huge influence on my way of thinking in life. The person I am writing about is my father.

Mohamed is his name, a real confident, religious, open-minded man and a great father also. He loves his work so much; he's a geologist working in a well-known oil company. He spends most of his time travelling and working abroad.

I don't see him a lot, but his words and lectures never leave my heart. He taught me the secrets of success in life:

"Respecting Islam as your religion is the first and most important source of your power. If you respect your religion every person on this planet will respect you." he says.

"Be honest in everything you do and always think before taking actions."

"When you give a word to someone be a man of your word, and never start something without finishing it."

"When you fall in love respect the woman that you love and treat her well because respect is the strong base in any relationship."

My father is a successful man in my opinion, but he didn't succeed easily in life. His father died when he was ten years old, so you can imagine how tough life was for him. He spent years working and studying to get me and my family the simple things that he couldn't have when he was at my age.

I used to travel with him and study abroad but in the last few years studying and working as an intern doctor has prevented me from travelling anymore. Anyway anytime travelling with him was a lesson of life.

He is a man of principles, I really respect him and love him as a father. I've learned a lot from him and I'm still learning till today.

Ahmed Riyani
FCE Preparation

Monday, April 21, 2008

Websites to practice your English

Here are some student websites from Cambridge University Publishers that you can use to practice your English.

These sites were requested by Hamza, a student in Mrs. Khadija's KET Preparation class.

Thank You Hamza!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Confusing Words

Some words in English are confusing. Here's a website that might help you: Confusing Words