Monday, March 05, 2007

A present

I wanted to buy my teacher a present for her birthday.
Unfortunately, the shop was closed.
Fortunately, there was another shop.
Unfortunately, I didn't find a nice present.
Fortunately, I had a nice present.
Unfortunately, it was old.
Fortunately, I went to another shop.
Unfortunately, all the shops were closed.
Fortunately, I made her a present.
Unfortunately, my niece broke it.
Fortunately, I made another one.
Unfortunately, I didn't have all the things to make it.
Fortunately, my friend had another extra present.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a car.
Fortunately, my friend picked me up.
Unfortunately, the car broke down.
Fortunately, I stopped a taxi.
Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money.
Fortunately, I found some friends in the street.
Unfortunately, we didn't find the house.
Fortunately, I called her.
Unfortunately, she didn't answer me.
Fortunately, I found her husband in the street.
Unfortunately, I didn't talk to him.
Fortunately, I found her address in my pocket.
Unfortunately, the wind blew it away.
Fortunately, I found myself in front of her house.

And I gave her the present!

Elham, Sara, Enas & Mohammed

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