Saturday, December 24, 2005

Describing Alea

To describe a teacher is a challenging task on the part of student. There are two appearances of every person to describe them with. Firstly, external appearance , which refers to physical looks. Secondly, internal appearance, which deals with behavior and attitude of an individual.

Being a student of teacher Alea, I can describe her as a workaholic and a jolly person. Regarding her relationship with her students, she is tough but easy to deal with inside and outside the classroom, but on a final exam of IELTS . she is a terror according to someone who had undergone this fate. In her family, based on how she speaks about them, she's a faithful wife and full of concern for her husband and the best mother of her children , and the most trustworthy and kindhearted person, full of love respect and understanding and determination.

About her physical appearance, I think in her twenties!! She's very pleasant, with lots of sex appeal to overwhelm Mr. Abduz's heart. Even now, she's holding a beauty of her own. Beauty is in the eye of the holder.

Victoria D. Molon
IELTS Preparation

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The English Language

The English language is used commonly in the world, that's why it's important to be learnt. Most universities use the English language to teach courses, and a lot of companies use it in their work, especially in documentation. When one wants to study books, especially scientific books, he needs to know English language, because most of the books are written in English. Also we need to learn it to protect ourselves against the evil of others, because the messenger of Allah, Mohammed, said 'Anyone who learns the language of others protects himself against their evils.'

Salem M. Elhawat

Monday, December 12, 2005

Women in Islam

'Women in Islam' was the title of last nights lecture given by Haleh Afshar of York University. The lecture was one in a series of lectures sponsored by the British Council and the Academy of Graduate Studies, Janzour.

Students of Yethreb School attended the lecture.


Intense discussion followed the lecture. Here is Feras Mohamed, a Yethreb School student, taking part in the discussion.

The next lecture in the series will be on January 15th, 2006 and is titled 'Drugs, causes, symptoms and solutions' by guest speaker Colonel Adnan Frelh.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Here's is an interesting website that lists English words of Arabic orgin. Click on the image above to visit the website.