Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gharian, Libya

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Libya is my country

Tripoli is the capital of Libya. Tripoli has everything you may need to spend an interesting vacation. I will tell you some information about it.

The best times to visit are spring and autumn becuase the weather is very hot in summer and so cold and windy in winter.

There are cheap hotels such as Door of the Sea, Dooor of the City and some private hotels. A room is about 30 - 50 Euros a night. There are many five star hotels such as The Grand Hotel, Almahari and Corinthis. A room is about 100 Euros.

Tripoli has old and new buildings; there are fantastic beaches an a long sea-board from Algarhpoli, Tajoura to Janzour. You can visit the castle museum. It's a wonderful place in the old city. It's called the Red Government House Museum. And you can go tot he Omar Alkiam Cinema or Alzhra Cinama in the evening. There are many internet cafes and coffee shops. For shopping you can walk to the First September Street.

There are many cheap restaurants, and the Libyan food is very delicious.

The best way to travel is by taxi, mini cab or mini bus, and you can ride a bike or go on foot.

I wish a good journey for you!

Elmhdi M Mahud

My city

I live in Simferopol. It's the capital city of Crimea. It's beautiful, it has old and new buildings. Simferopol is a very green city. All seasons visit my very nice city.
Simferopol has cheap and expensive hotels. The best hotels, 'Moscow' and 'Ukraine' are in the centre.

My city has theatres and cinemas. There are wonderful parks. The best shops are in Pushkin Street and Kirov Street.

For night life there are clubs and bars in many places. There are restaurants from many countires - Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Ukrainian. The food is delicious.

There are fast trains, buses and taxis.


My living room

My living room is not very big, but it's rather light. There's a sofa and there are two soft chairs. There's a wardrobe and there's a small table with a TV on it. There are bookshelves on the wall and there are some books. There's a carpet on the floor.

It's a very comfortable room. I am happy to have such a room.

Olga Nyahukova

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Grandmother

When I was a child, I used to count the wrinkles on her face. Surely, there were over a hundred, but I couldn't reach more than that at that time. Her eyelids were droopy so that you would always get the feeling that she was sleeping. On the other hand, she was very energetic.

She would put her warm smile over family conflicts and solve them. Her echoing laugh would fill the hall during family reunions. Although she was grossly overweight, she would always refuse to accept that. She used to wear a scarf to cover her hair and a traditional cloak on top of a nightgown.

She used to get up early in the morning to feed the chickens and piled the haystack for the sheep to eat. One day I asked her "What makes you do this job daily?" and she said, "Grandson, some things you can't give up when you reach my age."

I suppose that's why my grandmother is my favourite relative.

Wissam Muhammed Frandah
IELTS Preparation