Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Grandmother

When I was a child, I used to count the wrinkles on her face. Surely, there were over a hundred, but I couldn't reach more than that at that time. Her eyelids were droopy so that you would always get the feeling that she was sleeping. On the other hand, she was very energetic.

She would put her warm smile over family conflicts and solve them. Her echoing laugh would fill the hall during family reunions. Although she was grossly overweight, she would always refuse to accept that. She used to wear a scarf to cover her hair and a traditional cloak on top of a nightgown.

She used to get up early in the morning to feed the chickens and piled the haystack for the sheep to eat. One day I asked her "What makes you do this job daily?" and she said, "Grandson, some things you can't give up when you reach my age."

I suppose that's why my grandmother is my favourite relative.

Wissam Muhammed Frandah
IELTS Preparation


Mrs Khadija said...

This is a good piece of narrative writing. The descriptions of your grandmother made me imagine what she must look like. It made me want to read more and more! Keep writing! I love it!


This is a natural imagination which comes in everyones mind. But u have written extremely well, I appreciate it. http://sam4uin.blogspot.com/