Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mohammed, my oldest friend

My oldest friend is called Mohammed. We met three years ago at school. He studies with me now in secondary school language class. He is a good boy and very friendly. I like this boy, he is very clever in class and he always gets second in the class. He is a very good boy. In class all the teachers like him.

Saleh Alnass

My oldest friend

My oldest friend is named Taha. We met each other when I was a child. He went to Egypt when I was six years old and then he returned to Libya. He lives next to me. Then we became best friends. When I was eleven his father got a job in Belgium for four years. Taha's a special friend because he's a genius. He's good and he's lovely.

Ebrahim Abudaya

My friend Kamal

My oldest friend is called Kamal. We met twenty years ago when I was fifteen years old. We met on my street because he lives by my house. He's my neighbour and we share the same ideas. Before I always saw him but now it's different because he is married and he moved. He has a baby named Harroun. I like my friend Kamal.

Sharf-Aldeen M. Abudheer