Sunday, January 22, 2006

My town

I want to tell you about my town, it's called Tajoura. It's a very nice town. It has a view of the sea. The beach of Tajoura is very nice, it's suitable for weekends or summer holidays.

In Tajoura the climate is Mediterranean, the winter is quite short, the summer is long and very hot. For this reason the people go to the sea.

There are a lot of mosques, one of them is Morad Aga Mosque. It's the oldest mosque in Tajoura. There are many small shops, they are convenient for shopping. Most of the people in Tajoura are related to each other. They are very friendly.

Fatma Alatrech

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What do you do in your free time?

If I have free time usually I try to help my son to prepare his homework for school. I am not doing his homework instead of him, but I try to explain the difficult points he doesn't understand. Then if I still have free time, I prefer to read a book about people's lives.

Sometimes I watch TV. My favourite programs are 'What? Where? When?', news and scientific educational programs. Also I like seeing a good film. I like to listen to music, mostly romantic collections.

Sometimes I go shopping with my neighbours. In the holidays I meet with my friends at parks where we have interesting talk, dancing and a nice dinner with delicious dishes.

In summer we try to go to the seaside as Janzour because swimming is a real pleasure for me and my son. When I have leave from my work, usually we have a trip to our family in the Ukraine.

Elena Shchadnykh

My free time

In my free time, especially in winter I watch TV. My favourite proograms are Real TV, movies and politics. I really like listening to music, soft rock and pop. In my room there is a TV with a satelite, a computer, a stereo and all that I need.

Sometimes I go out with my friends to the cafe and we play cards. In summer I spend my time at the beach, swimming, playing tennis, football and cooking dinner for my friends. In fact we help each other.

In autumn I feel bad because there is nothing to do. In spring I always go on picnics with friends or travel.

Mohamed Abdurahman

In my free time

I like doing a lot of things in my free time. I like swimming in the summer, but I don't like going to the beach in Libya. I like swimming at the beach in Tunisia because I feel free there. No one looks at me, but in Libya I have to wear a long sleeve shirt and a skirt and a scarf on my head when I swim.

I also like surfing the net. It's so fun. I like writing in my blog if you want to see it you can open Sometimes I like reading books, but I think watching TV is more interesting. I like watching all kinds of films.

I like picnics in our farm. Sometimes on the third day of Eid we go to the mountains in Alregaat at my mother's friend's house for a picnic. It's so fun. All my mother's friends and their kids go too.

I don't really like sports, but I like playing volleyball. I like playing it at school with my friends. It's more fun than playing it with my sisters and brothers.

My favourite thing that I like doing is listening to music. I like listening to rap music. It's the best music ever.

I really want to go to America and do so many fun things that I like doing in my free time. I hope to go there next summer.

Nora Bader

Do I Have Free time?

First I want you to know something about me. I'm a housewife, I have four children who I must look after, so I haven't a lot of free time, especially in winter because I'm looking after my family, working in the house and helping my children to study for their lessons. But when I have free time, the first thing that I do is doing my homework which my lovely teacher Alea gives to me.

I like reading also, reading magazines, stories and psycology books. At night I sit and watch TV.
In summer I have more free time so I can do more things, go for walks, go shopping, sometimes go to the beach, I play volleyball with my children and enjoy the breeze at the sea. How I like it! At night, as everday, I sit to watch TV.

The best thing I like to do is eating at restaurants, but only when my husband has free time.


What I do in my free time

I don't exactly have alot of free time because I have two jobs and I do something else for my family anyway.

Sometimes in my freetime I do free time activities like reading books, especially The Holy Quran, using the computer and browsing the net. This is my favourite hobby, so I use the computer most of the time.

But on vacations days, I usually go with my mother to my hometown where I spend times of leisure with my grandfather - my mother's father. The air there is fresh and the land is coverered by green plants and trees on the farm. I go out with my relatives to have a picnic.

By the way, in my hometown I can go horseback riding and drive a tractor at my grandfather's farm.

That is all I think.

Mohammed AbdoAllah

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The view from Sidi Andulsi, Tajoura, Libya

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A person who I admire

I'm going to write about an important person to me. This person is my father, his name is Iprahim. He is 63 years old and works as an executive manager in a well-known company. My father is a tall man with a long face, receding hairline and a few wrinkles. He prefers to wear conservative clothes, which makes him look quite smart.

Iprahim is kindhearted and he is very patient. He struggled along in his life and has suffered a lot to achieve a better standard of living. People idolize him greatly, but I did not understand the cause of this until I grew up. Since his adulthood, he has been an artistic and ambitious man. Despite his difficult circumstances, he decided to finish his studies and when he works , he is creative in an energetic man. This is why he was promoted quickly. My father is given a lot of effort to serve people and I am one of those people who took a benefit from him. He brought me up and taught me many ethics, he taught me the way to be independent and how to struggle to have my rights. This man has been a motive for every step I take. He encourages me when I feel down or fail, and I know that at that time he was suffering more than me.

Certainly, every time when I revise what my father has done for me my tears start to fall down. I hope God helps me to be a source of pride for my father, because I'm very grateful to him.

Eman Ipbrahim
IELTS preparation

Miss Alea

When somebody looks at you for the first time, the first thing that comes to his or her mind is what is the power which let you move from your country to be here in Libya? Then after spending enough time talking and discussing the answer comes quickly. The power is love especially when combined with such a personality like yours.

Miss Alea, you are alert, adventurous and hard-working. Sometimes I feel that you're crazy because you talk too much. However, all these things gives one the impression that you are strong enough to do what you want.

Miss Alea, you certainly look under your age. If I divide your activity it will surely equaled that of four Libyan women.

Please Miss Alea, do not talk too much about the others, and let Abduz in peace.

IELTS preparation

About Miss Alea

I don't really know that much about Miss Alea because it has been only three weeks with her in the IELTS preparation course, but I can describe a few things about her.

First of all her looks. The most important thing was strikes me in Miss Alea is a big blue eyes with fair white skin, but at the same time, she needs to decrease a bit of weight. About her personality; it seems to be a mixture feelings, sometimes I feel her like a volcano in standby position to explode in anybody's face and sometimes I feel she has a soft kind heart which wants the best for her pupils in class. She also likes us to be on time, always updated and what good progress on the IELTS course.

At the end , I hope success in the exam will be by the help of God, and with Miss Alea's hand and I hope I will get to know her much more by the end of the course.

Elfarouk Omar Abdulwaris
IELTS Preparation